Telescopic Adjustable Stock


Multi Functional Rear Sight


22mm Picatinny Rail


Magazine Release Button


Crossline-C serie is 9x19 caliber. C serie is semi automatic pistol. Our senior engineers always make innovations, with the highest technology and R&D, brought patented light recoil system on C serie. C serie is strong enough for all heavy duties because of its metal upper and lower. C serie has 2 type of butt stock, first one is telescopic and adjustable butt stock in 8 diffirent positions. Second one is metal foldable butt stock. These both butt stocks serve shooters variety shooting positions. C serie has 2 diffirent magazine release buttons on both under trigger guard and right side of the receiver to change magazine easier and faster.

Product Features

  • Caliber

    9 X 19mm

  • Barrel Length

    203mm (8")

  • Total Length (Expand Telescopic Stock)

    720mm (28,3")

  • Total Length (Collapsed Stock)

    615mm (24,2")

  • Total Length (Expand Folding Stock)

    700mm (27,6")

  • Total Length (Collapsed Folding Stock)

    650mm (25,6")

  • Total Length (Folding Stock On The Side)

    427mm (16,8")

  • Total Length (Without Stock)

    425mm (16,7")

  • Weight (Without Magazine)

    3,4kg (7.50lb)

  • Weight (Without Stock and Magazine)

    2,8kg (6lb)

  • Mode of Operation

    Safe / Semiauto

  • Body

    Aluminium Upper & Lower

  • Magazine Type

    Glock Magazine

  • Stock Type

    Detachable (Folding or Telescopic Option Available)

  • Action Type


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